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Salam Advance everyone....

Have you have your breakfast. I'm prepared "mee kicap" for this morning ^__^ I wanna talk about food today. Feeling hungry ya? Do make your own food, besides our country still on hot issues which is "GST". It's better if we can cook for our own meals. It's cheaper and we can make it follows our flavors. I don't know how the price taken afer GST because I'm not eat outside yet. I prefer to cook everyday.

After I got married, i enjoyed in cooking. I love to try every food to serve to my husband. Most of them is something that I never try before like lamb chop, salad, mee kicap, cheesekut, puding roti, Bakso soup, Yong Taufu soup, Spaghetti, Goreng Pisang Cheese, and etc and I still have waiting list to cook ^__^. My husband is not choosy about food. So, even the taste of food it's just 50-50, I can see he enjoy the food. I don't know if he just want to make me feel good. heee. At least it's not giving me up to try another recipe.

Where I know about the recipe? ya of course from Mr. GooGle. Usually I not copy the exactly of the recipe because each people have a different taste. I will make the food taste "kaw-kaw". The spicy, the sweet, the sour, the salt to make sure the taste is strong.

Recently I try to get the inspiration from the youtube and I found "Dapur Bujang". This programme has been hosted by Fendi Balas. He was a entertainer from MaharajaLawak shows. Wow! He is quite impressive. He shows the simple simple simple things that we can cook especially who are single that wanna eat alone. The ingredient that he use normally not too many. That's why the programme is called "Dapur Bujang". It's really suitable for the ingredient that Fendi use and the quantity that he cook usually is ready for 1 person.

I have several list food that I wanna try. I just make it for fun. To make sure my husband not boring of the same menu. Let's try something that we never try reader's ^__^

Here is some food that i have make :)

Lamb Chop

Salad.. Good for our health :)

Let's prepare our own food :) See you in next entry reader's! Thank's for your reading.

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